Why Funerals are so Expensive?

In this post from Timothy L Thorman, former Funeral Director (1984-2012), he outlines the expenses of a funeral home and made a very interesting analogy: “Funerals may involve the same kind of planning as weddings, but with just a few days to execute”.

While some people may take months to plan for a wedding, most leave funerals for the last moment. At Final Wishes and Funeral Planning Guide – Senior Defense we try to convey the same message with links to vendors, funeral homes, and a funeral insurance quoter. We advise our clients to plan and shop in advance.

When a person passes, it feels like there is a void. During their lives, people touch so many others that will remain here. It makes us feel a little better when we realize that we are interconnected. It makes the other people feel better also because to some degree they feel the same. It all comes back to us. A funeral is an opportunity to reconnect to family and friends on a deeper level, and even to connect to friends and family we did not know we had. It feels like the right thing to do, and you have only one shot at it.

Money is just money, and we pay so much for things that do not leave lasting satisfaction and sometimes are hurting our health and wasting our precious lives. Nevertheless, if you plan in advance and shop around you can save a lot of money on your funeral. Additionally, buying funeral life insurance may cost very little a month, and if you shop around you can increase the benefit by $1,000s with the same monthly payment.

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Some people find additional closure in nature; they wish their ashes to be spread in beautiful gardens, mountains, or coasts. A growing number of people choose green or natural burial where the body wrapped in a shroud is buried and nourishes trees and forests. In any case, it costs money, and planning can help you save. It will be much less stressful in the end if money is less of an issue.

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