About Us

About Senior Defense

Senior Defense is a family business. It was founded by Noreen Neves with the objective of specializing in the senior market. Celso (husband) joined in, and more recently Lindsey (daughter).

As life insurance brokers, we have always had a large number of carriers that have products tailored to seniors. You have access to the lowest rates with us.

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We are also field underwriters. As field underwriters, we can access our client’s health in more depth, and recommend a better life insurance carrier for them.

Different carriers have different underwriting guidelines. In order to make an accurate risk evaluation (with the exception of guaranteed issue that asks no questions) the carriers check the MIB (Medical Insurance Bureau) for our client’s medical record. Based on the risk accessed, the carriers will approve our clients for level, graded, modified or guaranteed issue insurance plans, with different rates and waiting periods.

Most seniors have some kind of health condition. A specific medication and when it was first prescribed or last filled may make a difference between being approved for first-day coverage or having to wait two years. That’s why we go deeper into their health condition and medications. We plug that information into our system, which will point to the best carriers for their health profile. We also check the available programs for specifics like coverage limits, the form of payment, and limitations about who can be the beneficiary and owner of the policy.

Remote does not need to be impersonal.

Nowadays, due to technological improvements in the electronic signature, voice signature, and automated systems that check the MIB automatically and can generate immediate underwriting approval, we have been doing more consultations by phone. We are able to approve our clients for first-day coverage on the spot and have the policy mailed in 2 business days.

Consultations by phone may have a little less of a personal touch, but we actually spend more time with our clients, and we can be more thorough. The quality of the service is improved and our clients can get their insurance from the safety and comfort of their own home.

About Noreen

Noreen got her insurance license back in 1995. She is passionate about helping seniors with the best protection they can get. She is married to Celso and has 2 daughters: Lindsey and Sabrina.  Her mother lives with her. Even with all the hours that the insurance agency requires, she still cares for her mother daily at home, which she considers a blessing.

About Celso

Celso got his insurance license in 2007. Celso specialized initially in health insurance, and ventured into real estate and mortgage industries, but refocused on life insurance and helped develop the systems at Senior Defense.

Celso has also a great experience in Fixed Indexed Annuities. He is passionate about the higher return with no risk that annuities can provide. In his own words: “Fixed Indexed Annuities are the best investment vehicle to stretch senior retirement savings especially due to the guarantee that they will never lose any money”.

Celso is a proud American Citizen happily married to Noreen, with 2 daughters. He has been living in Los Angeles, California since 2001. He is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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