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The Average Cost in the US of a Full-Service Burial is $9,135 and a Cremation $5,445…

… or just a small monthly payment.

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  • Coverages from $3,000 to $40,000
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Save $1,000s by planning and adjusting your ceremony to your budget with this sample list of itemized funeral expenses.

Our Trusted Carriers

One of our trusted carriers will have the lowest rate for your health on the date of your application.

Make sure you apply before any of the following:

  • A new or worsening health condition
  • Your doctor increases a dosage or prescribes a new medication
  • Your doctor requests a medical exam
  • Your doctor recommends a surgery
  • You feel any of the symptoms of COVID-19

The average cost of a burial or cremation with a funeral

Nondeclinable basic services fee$2,195$2,195
Removal/transfer of remains to funeral home$350$350
Other preparation of the body$255$255
Use of facilities/staff for viewing$425$425
Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony$500$500
Service car/van$150$150
Printed materials (basic memorial package)$175$175
Cremation fee$350
Cremation Urn$295
Metal burial casket$2,500
Cremation casket$1,200
Total without a plot$9,135$6,645
Source: National Funeral Directors Association

The Average Cost of a Funeral with a Burial or Cremation in Your State

We Got It All Figured Out For You!

Our experienced licensed field underwriters can qualify you after a quick health assessment over the phone. We have consolidated all carriers together and created a simplified guideline that illustrates the best scenario of how your health condition may affect your rate class: your life insurance premium and the wait time for full-coverage.

Health Condition Rate Class
Amputation (due to disease) Graded
Aneurysm Preferred
Angina Guaranteed Acceptance
Arthritis Preferred
Asthma Preferred
Atrial Fibrillation Preferred
Bi-Polar Disorder Preferred
Blood Clots Preferred
Blood Thinners Preferred
Cancer (more than 2 years) Preferred
Cancer (less than 2 years) Graded II
Cancer (active) Guaranteed Acceptance
Congestive Heart Failure Graded II
Cholesterol (controlled) Preferred
Chronic Bronchitis Preferred
Cirrhosis Graded
COPD (mild) Preferred
COPD Severe Graded II
Crohn’s Disease Preferred
Cystic Fibrosis Preferred
Defibrillator (more than 2 years) Preferred
Defibrillator (less than 2 years) Graded
Dementia Guaranteed Acceptance
Depression Preferred
Diabetes with no complications Preferred
Diabetic Coma (more than 2 years) Preferred
Diabetic Coma (less than 2 years) Graded II
Diabetes (insulin before 25 years old) Graded II
Diabetes (insulin after 25 years old) Preferred
Dialysis Guaranteed Acceptance
Diverticulitis Preferred
Drug or Alcohol Abuse (18 Months) Preferred
DUI/Reckless Driving Preferred
Epilepsy Preferred
Felony Preferred
Fibromyalgia Preferred
GERD Preferred
Heart Attack (more than 2 years) Preferred
Heart Attack (less than 2 years) Graded
Hepatitis (not cured) Graded
Hepatitis (cured more than 2 years) Preferred
High Blood Pressure Preferred
HIV or AIDS Guaranteed Acceptance
Home Health Care Preferred
Insulin Shock (more than 2 years) Preferred
Insulin Shock (less than 2 years) Graded
Kidney Disease Graded
Lupus (hospital visit 12 months) Graded II
Lupus Preferred
Multiple Sclerosis Preferred
Muscular Dystrophy (no meds) Preferred
Muscular Dystrophy (meds) Graded
Nephropathy Graded
Neuropathy Preferred
Nicotine products (except for cigarettes) Preferred
Overweight Preferred
Oxygen (24 hours) Guaranteed Acceptance
Oxygen (less than 24 hours) Graded
Pacemaker (more than 2 years) Preferred
Pacemaker (less than 2 years) Graded
Parkinson’s Disease Preferred
Retinopathy Preferred
Schizophrenia Preferred
Seizures Preferred
Sickle Cell Anemia Preferred
Sleep Apnea (with oxygen or not) Preferred
Smoking Preferred-Smoker
Stroke (more than 2 years) Preferred
Stroke (less than 2 years) Graded
TIA-Trans Ischemic Attack Preferred
Tumor Preferred
Wheelchair (due to accident) Preferred
Wheelchair (due to underlying health condition) Graded

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