Funeral Items Explained

Funeral Home Basic Services

  • Cost range: $2,000 to $2,500
  • Arrangement conference with family and responsible parties
  • Arrangement of funeral, cremation, burial and visitation details
  • Preparation, filing and obtaining the death certificate and other
    necessary authorizations and permits
  • Recording vital statistics for government records
  • Preparation and placement of the obituary, funeral and news notices
  • Filing and obtaining other forms and claims
  • Coordination of service plans with cemetery, crematory, vault companies, florist, clergy, musicians, etc.
  • Overhead expenses related to use of funeral home facilities such as sheltering of remains, professional licensing, legal and accounting fees, insurance, building and utility expenses, parking lot and grounds maintenance, taxes, equipment, furnishings, inventory costs, recordkeeping and secretarial and administrative expenses


  • Embalming is not required by law, but it is necessary if there is a viewing. To avoid the embalming fee, choose direct cremation or immediate burial.
  • Cost range: $650 to $800

Other Preparation of Remains

  • With viewing: bathing of remains, dressing, cosmetology, hairdressing and casketing: $350
  • Without viewing: dressing and casketing of remains: $175
  • Extensive cosmetic restoration, per hour: $100
  • Refrigeration of remains: $80/day
  • Extended sheltering of unembalmed remains after 7 days: $80/day
  • Extended sheltering of casketed, embalmed remains: $10/day

Use of Facilities, Staff and Equipment

  • Funeral or memorial ceremony at the funeral home: $525
  • Visitation, viewing, or memorial gathering: $600/day
  • Cremation: $275
  • Witnessing cremation process: $125

Use of Staff and Equipment

Funeral or memorial ceremony at another facility: $525
Visitation, viewing or memorial gathering at another facility: $595/day
Graveside or cemetery chapel committal ceremony only : $350
Licensed Funeral Director to witness urn interment only: $200
Additional staff charge for funeral or memorial on a holiday: $500
Additional staff charge for out-of-town burial/ceremony : $525

Burial and Cremation Merchandise

  • Caskets: $995 to $10,280
  • Outer burial containers, vaults: $995 to $15,000
  • Rental caskets for ceremonial use prior to cremation: $895 to $1,395
  • Alternative cardboard cremation container for cremation: $95
  • Cremation urns, cremation vaults, memorial jewellery, and keepsakes.

Other Merchandise

  • Clothing: Dresses and suits: from $150
  • Flowers: Casket sprays: from $240
  • Air tray, required by airlines to enclose casket: $250
  • Combination air tray and shipping container: $350

Personalized Memorial Items

  • Stationery packages with a guest registry, memorial cards: $75 to $225
  • Acknowledgement stationery (twenty five): $10 to $20
  • Memorial/Prayer cards (sixty): $25
  • Small memorial folders (one hundred): $75
  • Large service folders with the order of service (one hundred): $150
  • Memorial DVD presentation with 40 images: $75
  • Release of 4 doves at the cemetery: $200
  • Release of 100 balloons at the cemetery: $200
  • Webcasting: $90

Medical School Donation

  • Cost estimate: $1,450
  • Basic services of Funeral Director & staff
  • Placing newspaper notices and obituaries
  • Memorial service planning assistance
  • Unlimited use of our refrigeration facility while eligibility is verified
  • Transfer of remains to the medical school

Direct Cremation

  • With cloth-covered corrugated fiberboard casket: $2,090
  • With cardboard alternative container: $1,795
  • With the container provided by the client: $1,700
  • Basic services of funeral director and staff
  • Assistance with and placing of newspaper notices and obituaries
  • Memorial service planning assistance
  • Cremation witnessing
  • Graveside service, care
  • Unlimited refrigeration of remains
  • Transfer of remains to our funeral home and crematory
  • Crematory charges.

Immediate Burial

  • Basic services of funeral director and staff
  • Care of remains
  • Transfer of remains to funeral home
  • Hearse to the cemetery
  • With 20 gauge steel casket: $3,465
  • With container provided by the client: $2,470