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How your health today affect your rates.

Along with your age, your health today affects how low your payments can be. Make sure you apply before any of the following:

  • A new or worsening health condition
  • Your doctor increases a dosage or prescribes a new medication
  • Your doctor requests a medical exam
  • Your doctor recommends a surgery
  • You feel any of the symptoms of COVID-19

The average cost of a burial or cremation with a funeral in the US (does not include the cost of a plot).

Nondeclinable basic services fee$2,195$2,195
Removal/transfer of remains to funeral home$350$350
Other preparation of the body$255$255
Use of facilities/staff for viewing$425$425
Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony$500$500
Service car/van$150$150
Printed materials (basic memorial package)$175$175
Cremation fee$350
Cremation Urn$295
Metal burial casket$2,500
Cremation casket$1,200
Total without a plot$9,135$6,645
Source: National Funeral Directors Association

See the average cost of a full-service burial or cremation in each US State (includes the plot)

We Got It All Figured Out For You!

Your experienced licensed field underwriter can qualify you after a quick health assessment over the phone. We have consolidated all carriers together and created a simplified guideline that illustrates the best scenario of how your health condition may affect your rate class: your life insurance premium and the wait time for full-coverage.

Health ConditionRate Class
Amputation (due to disease)Graded
AnginaGuaranteed Acceptance
Atrial FibrillationPreferred
Bi-Polar Disorder / SchizophreniaPreferred
Blood Clots / Blood ThinnersPreferred
Cancer (more than 2 years)Preferred
Cancer (less than 2 years)Graded II
Cancer (active)Guaranteed Acceptance
Congestive Heart FailureGraded II
Chronic BronchitisPreferred
COPD (mild)Preferred
COPD (severe)Graded II
Defibrillator (more than 2 years)Preferred
Defibrillator (less than 2 years)Graded
DementiaGuaranteed Acceptance
Diabetes with no complicationsPreferred
Diabetic Coma (more than 2 years)Preferred
Diabetic Coma (less than 2 years)Graded II
Diabetes (insulin before 25 years old)Graded II
Diabetes (insulin after 25 years old)Preferred
DialysisGuaranteed Acceptance
Drug or Alcohol Abuse (18 Months)Preferred
DUI/Reckless Driving/FelonyPreferred
Heart Attack (more than 2 years)Preferred
Heart Attack (less than 2 years)Graded
Hepatitis (not cured)Graded
Hepatitis (cured more than 2 years)Preferred
High Blood PressurePreferred
HIV or AIDSGuaranteed Acceptance
Insulin Shock (more than 2 years)Preferred
Insulin Shock (less than 2 years)Graded
Kidney DiseaseGraded
Lupus (hospital visit 12 months)Graded II
Multiple SclerosisPreferred
Muscular Dystrophy (no meds)Preferred
Muscular Dystrophy (meds)Graded
Neuropathy, Nephropathy, RetinopathyPreferred
Nicotine products (except for cigarettes)Non-Smoking
Oxygen (24 hours)Guaranteed Acceptance
Oxygen (less than 24 hours)Graded
Pacemaker (more than 2 years)Preferred
Pacemaker (less than 2 years)Graded
Parkinson’s DiseasePreferred
Sickle Cell AnemiaPreferred
Sleep Apnea (with oxygen or not)Preferred
Stroke (more than 2 years)Preferred
Stroke (less than 2 years)Graded
TIA-Trans Ischemic AttackPreferred
Wheelchair (due to accident)Preferred

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