Lincoln Heritage Burial Insurance Review

This review is to help seniors and their families make an educated decision about the best final expense life insurance for them.

Final Expense life insurance is the same as Burial life insurance and Funeral life insurance. These are small whole-life life insurance plans, with no medical exam, simplified issue and expedited claim. Most life insurance companies provide this type of insurance, and they all process claims quickly.

Lincoln Heritage is NOT an Independent Life Insurance Agency

Lincoln Heritage lists other life insurance companies on their website, but they only provide their own life insurance. They do not look for the best solution in the life insurance market for you. They only sell their own insurance, and they only have their own underwriting rules.

What if Your Family Cash Benefit is $10,000 Instead of $13,996?

If you have average health and you get a quote from them you only see their rate; an independent agency will show you more than 10 different quotes from more than 10 different companies and some quotes will be lower. How much lower?

  • 18% lower if you are a 65-year-old Male
  • 29% lower if you are a 65-year-old Female
PremiumLincoln Heritage
Cash Benefit
Mutual of Omaha
Cash Benefit
Male – 65$68.00$10,000$12,195
Female – 65$57.40$10,000$13,996

What if Your Family Cash Benefit is $10,000 Instead of $24,500?

Additionally, if you have some health issues, you may be unnecessarily delaying your full coverage for 2 years or more. Different companies have different underwriting rules, and some may qualify you for first-day coverage. An independent agency will look for the best rate of the companies that will qualify you.

Health issue: Moderate COPD or neuropathy from diabetes

PremiumLincoln Heritage
(2 years wait)
Royal Neighbors
(Immediate Coverage)
Male – 65$128.80$10,000$22,400
Female – 65$105.60$10,000$24,500

What if Your Family Cash Benefit is $10,000 Instead of $15,000?

Ok, your health is not the best and you need to wait 2 years.

Health issue: Kidney dialysis

PremiumLincoln Heritage
(2 years wait)
American General
(2 years wait)
Male – 65$128.80$10,000$15,000
Female – 65$105.60$10,000$15,000

What if Your Family Do Not Get Any Cash Benefit, but They Actually Could?

Health issue: Currently hospitalized, AIDS

PremiumLincoln HeritageGerber
(2 years wait)
Male – 65$128.80N/A$15,000
Female – 65$105.60N/A$15,000

Family Support Services from Lincoln Heritage

Lincoln Heritage will provide family support services from the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS). FCGS helps insureds plan for their funeral.

While planning for your funeral is very important, you don’t need a life insurance to plan for yours. Actually, it is better to do your planning and shopping with your family. They are the ones that will actually be able to do the shopping and save when the time comes.

You can download our free Final Wishes and Funeral Planning Guide, fill it out and share with your family.

Request a free printed copy of our Final Wishes and Funeral Planning Guide by filling up the form bellow.

SeniorDefense.Org does not require subscription and is loaded with information that can help you save $1,000s on your funeral:

SeniorDefense.Org Efficiency Saves You Money.

SeniorDefense.Org is an independent life insurance agency/broker. There are more life insurance agencies in the US, so we really appreciate that you are considering us.

While all life insurance agencies have to show the same quotes for the same companies (the quotes come from the companies), we may do a better job with the pre-underwriting, and land you on a better company for you. Additionally, the number of companies we have access to may have an impact. You have more options for lower rates and underwriting decisions.

We strive for a smooth application process with a certain approval at the end. Our experienced, licensed agents will go over a few health questions and provide you with the lowest rates with all the benefits that are important to you.

Even though every company has a different approval process, our systems allow us to pre-underwrite you using our companies’ guidelines and lists of medications. When you receive a quote after speaking to us, it’s from the best company for you and you’ll be able to get the discounts above.

Seniordense.Org Simplifies and Expedites Your Approval to 20 minutes or less.

According to your answers to the few health questions over the phone or a more complete online pre-qualification questionnaire, you will be able to apply to a company that will approve you for the rate and coverage that you already agreed upon.

The application is by phone and the approval is automatic most of the times. In case an automatic approval is not granted, because the life insurance company found a medication that was not covered during the health questions, our agents will have a “second-best” life insurance company ready and it will approve you on the spot.

We always have your best interest first and we always have the best solution for you from 15 days to 90 years old and regardless of your health.

SeniorDefense.Org’s Process is Open and Safe.

Our life insurance licenses are posted on the website for viewing, download, or printing. If you require, we can send it by text message or email. Our record is 100% clear.

Our reference rates are posted on the website, and you’ll get the same quotes from us or our free-quoters. Most applications are by phone with voice signature, but you can also apply by email with secure eSignature.

When you call us, the first thing you’ll listen is a disclosure that the call is being recorded for security and quality purposes, and we’ll spell our name and the license number for you to take note. If you want, we can send a message to your phone with our business card and a link to our website.

If you are interested in more information, we will send you an email or text with the product’s and company’s brochures as well as application and state-specific legal disclosures.

Your phone call with us is informational all the way. If you decide to apply for the best company with the best rate, you already went through the health questions with us and you were pre-underwritten. When we add the life insurance company to the 3 way call as a conference, they will go over the same questions basically, and it should be a smooth approval on the spot.

SeniorDefense.Org provides more Options and Services for You and Your Family.

SeniorDefense.Org is specialized on Final Expense life insurance, but we have access to Non-Medical Term Life Insurance, Universal Life (fixed and fixed indexed) and Traditional Whole-Life life insurances. We go through the same pre-underwriting process and when you decide to apply for the lowest rate, you know your odds of approval are excellent. We also have access to the best annuity products from our carriers and a team specialized on Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage.

If you are young and have a spouse and children that depend on you, you might consider life insurance stacking, which is the best way to save on life insurance and provide the best protection for your family.

When you trust us to help you get the best life insurance for you, you have us as your life insurance broker for life. We’ll be always a phone call away when you need us to expedite claims, change a beneficiary or form of payment. Additionally, we can help you upgrade or downgrade your policies with the same or a different carrier. We’ll also help you and your family with updated information, and the best life insurance products in the US market.