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Instant Burial/Cremation Plan Quotes

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A burial starts at $10,000 and a cremation at $5,500

Or just a small fixed monthly payment. Check how small INSTANTLY!

Note: the quotes start at “Good Health” class, but most seniors qualify.

Noreen Neves
Licensed since 1995
Celso Neves
Licensed since 2007
Insurance Licenses: AZ-2629004 AR-2629004 CA-0B60932 CO-569659 FL-W495208 GA-3203509 IL-2629004 KS-2629004 KY-1092933 MD-3000916122 MI-862327 MO-8440709 NV-3341840 NM-2629004 NC-2629004 OH-1191564 OK-3000308949 PA-851989 SC-2629004 TN-2401677 TX-2299312 UT-789788 VA-1076229 WV-2629004