About Celso Neves and Life Insurance

Celso Neves and Life Insurance

I am Celso, an American Citizen happily married with 2 daughters and a mother in law, living in Los Angeles, California since 2001. If you talked to me already and is curious about the origin of my accent, I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I am a Life Insurance Broker, with a large database of life insurance companies and licensed in 9 US States. I got my first California Life / Health Insurance License back in 2007.

My job as Insurance Broker is mainly to access my client’s health, age and goals and match them with the company that will approve them for the best benefits with the lowest premium. We also provide support during the application, updates, upgrades and to expedite claims.

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I specialize in Final Expense Insurance because it is great protection for the family, and still affordable for our seniors that are on fixed income social security and/or disability most of the time.

I also specialize in safe money retirement with Fixed Indexed Annuities for the seniors that managed to save and keep for their retirement. I can make their money beat inflation and last till their last month with a pension that keeps growing.

Medicare supplement and advantage is a new addition because staying healthy comes first. Medicare Advantage is free, but you can get more and better features with us. You can lower your Medicare Supplement payment with us also.

Celso’s State Life Insurance Licenses