Final Expense Insurance

Will your retirement money last as long as you do?

 Finances If you worry that your money won’t last your entire retirement, you’re not alone. As of 2017, the average 65‑year‑old man can expect to live to about age 84, age 86 for women, and age 90 for at least one member of a married couple. That’s great news because it means that many retirees will have…
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How to get the best “deal” in final expense insurance.

Our work is not very complicated, but we have state of the art systems that enable us to search and compare dozens of carriers in a few minutes. We have great experience with the state approved final expense insurance plans. They are designed for seniors. Due to it’s fixed premiums and fixed coverage that never expires, they…
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Check out expert advice before getting final expense insurance

Field underwriters are not geniuses, but they are state licensed, and have systems that allow them to ask a few health questions and present your best final expense options.
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