Funeral Insurance Rates for Seniors 55 to 90 years old.

Senior Defense is actually a life insurance agency, and we can back these quotes with our trusted carriers.

Funeral Insurance Has to be Whole-Life

The rates we show bellow are for non-medical, whole-life final expense insurance. Final expense insurance main feature is the express processing of claims. That’s why it is used for funeral and burial or cremation expenses.

If a life insurance policy may expire before the day of the passing, then there is a possibility that you won’t have that protection. It does not fulfil its objective. To be labeled as funeral insurance it has to be whole life.

All rates bellow are for non-medical, whole life insurance, and build cash value with every payment. Warning: if you find a rate for your health class that is lower than we show here then it is probably not whole-life.

If you found a decent rate for a some-health-issues class on no-questions-asked class, you might still talk to us because we might find a company that will qualify you for a better health class.

Free Policy Review Service

Most people sign the application, and when they receive the policy in the mail it stays in the closed envelope in some drawer in the house. 7 out of 10 people that we help with the policy review does not have what they thought they had. The worst is that they might die before they figure out exactly about their coverage.

We call the life insurance company with you and ask the right questions so you know if your policy is in force, if it is permanent or will expire in a few years, if it is current or has a loan on it, and how much is the cash value if any, and the beneficiaries. This service is free.

Life insurance rates are based on life expectancy, hence the age, health condition, gender, and use of tobacco. With the exception of the state of Montana, female rates are lower than male rates, because females live longer statistically. In the US in 2019, the life expectancy of a male was 76.1 years and a female was 81.1 years.

The health risk (“less than average health” risk) has to do with certain health conditions, which result in a lower life expectancy statistically. It explains the range of the rates on the table below, as some companies have higher rates but higher risk tolerance. It is generally better to get a higher rate in the “average health class” than a lower rate on the “some health issues class”.

Smoking is a very important factor also. The rates for smokers can be 40%-60% higher. According to the CDC, the life expectancy for smokers is at least 10 years shorter than for nonsmokers.

There is great news if you want to quit smoking. Some companies look back only 12 months. You can get a lower coverage today, and if you quit today, you could theoretically upgrade your coverage paying the same amount in 12 months! Theoretically, because a new application and underwriting approval are required.

Please use our free quoter to get smoker rates

In addition to the rates, some companies use a waiting period (graded coverage) to reduce the risk and keep the rates at manageable levels. In the “some health issues class” there is a partial first day coverage: 30% of the full coverage on the first year and 70% on the second year. In the “no questions class” the wait for full coverage is 2 years. During this period the benefit is reduced to return of premiums paid plus a 10% bonus.

Non-Smoker rates for a benefit of $10,000.

AgeGenderAverage HealthSome Health IssuesNo QuestionsNote
55Female$26 – $37$38 – $44$44 – $56
60Female$32 – $38$45 – $52$51 – $66
65Female$41 – $47$54 – $63$62 – $80
70Female$51 – $60$70 – $86$76 – $102
75Female$71 – $81$96 – $123$109 – $138
80Female$98 – $113$120 – $180$179 – $190
85Female$135 – $166$190 – $268N/A
90FemaleN/A$300N/A1 year wait
AgeGenderAverage HealthSome Health IssuesNo QuestionsNote
55Male$32 – $44$48 – $64$58 – $64
60Male$41 – $51$56 – $69$64 – $79
65Male$53 – $59$66 – $95$86 – $92
70Male$69 – $79$86 – $116$100 – $119
75Male$96 – $113$110 – $168$141 – $158
80Male$139 – $155$145 – $234$206 – $247
85Male$192 – $221$277 – $326N/A
90MaleN/A$386N/A1 year wait